HomeLAN have posted a Q&A with Brian Green from Near Death Studios about the status of Meridian 59, one of the first graphical massively multiplayer RPG's:

    HomeLAN - What's been the most surprising thing that has happened since the relaunch of the game?

    Brian Green - The amount of new players to the game we've gotten. Players that have played other games with more modern graphics, but tried Meridian 59 and loved it. There's a lot of depth in gameplay that can keep new people interested for a long time, little things in the world you can explore and find out about. Plus, the game is 6 years old, meaning the developers have had a lot of time to balance the gameplay; you'll find a lot less overwhelming "instant win" strategies in Meridian 59, especially in the PvP combat. People really enjoy these things and haven't found them in other games. The game has a very strong community that loves the game, and that love of the game rubs off on others.