HomeLAN chats with LogicalVice's Ian Popeson about their upcoming Unreal engine powered shooter, Boomtown:

    HomeLAN - What kinds of weapons and items will be found in Boomtown?

    Ian Popeson - The list is as follows: Parker Shotgun, Colt 45, Winchester Repeating Rifle, a 22cal Spring Action Wrist Gun, a Sawed-Off Dbl Barreled Shotgun, a 1852 Scoped Rifle, The Gatlin Gun, a Heavy Crossbow, an Axe, Shovel, Whip, Dynamite, a 15' Lasso, Throwing Knifes, a Machete, Tomahawk, Hickory Stick, The Boot Blade, Pitch Fork, Pick Axe, a Wood 2x4 with Nails, a Long Bow with Poisoned, Flaming, and Diseased Arrows plus a myriad of Basic and Special Hand to Hand Combat Combinations. Some of the more mystical weapons are the Angelic Bone-Sword, the Mace of Devouring, the Bug Box, The Spike Gun, Cat of Nine Tails, and Various Magical Dusts. Spells include: Blink, Summon, Fireball, Cure Wounds, Telekinesis, and Curse.