Action4Life chats with Peter Tyson about Dragon Empires, Codemasters' upcoming massively multiplayer online RPG::

    A4L: The ability to create goods while offline is novel. How will that work, and what kinds of "upgrades" are going to be available for those goods (if the player should decide to do so)?

    Everyone gets access to a factory to produce goods with. Unless you develop the skill through quests and a little practical experience you will only produce basic goods. If you advance your skill you can eventually work on making buildings to sell to other clans or use in cities your clan owns! With your factory you can either provide it with basic resources yourself, say, a big pile of iron to make swords, or you can tell the factory to buy iron on the city market for a maximum of, say, 4 gold pieces and then to take that iron and make swords.

    The factory will then make those goods till it hits a number you set or you run out of cash to buy resources or the town runs out of iron to sell you at that price. This happens whether you are offline or online. Once you have these pile of swords you can sell them back to the market or keep them for yourself.

    Keeping the items and then adding enhancement objects to them is something a lot of players will enjoy doing. Take the sword and add a fiery ruby to it and you have a fire sword. Add some special sharpening fluid and you have a sharp fiery sword, and so on.

    Our system allows people to take part in whichever bits of the economy they find interesting or enjoyable, or all of it if they want!