Xbox.IGN have an interview with comic book artist Jim Lee about his role in creating the villain for Batman: Rise of Sin Tsu:

    IGN: How different is it designing a character for a game as opposed to creating one for the pages of a comic book? I mean you have to think a lot more spatially, in 3-D, right?

    Jim Lee: There's a lot less play in video games than when I work 2-dimensionally, 'cause I can make characters taller or shorter depending on the panel shape and what I really want to emphasize. I can make Batman look 30 pounds heavier from one panel to the next and still make it work, but in the game because it's all polygons and everything, it always looks the same. So there's a consistency there that I don't normally bring when I work on something. So when I sent them the sketches they looked different from the front, side, and back slightly and I think there were some translation issues and stuff, but the developers did a great job taking all of my different, sort of distorted images and melding it into one 3-dimensional whole that could turn around.