KUFH, developed by Phantagram, is a vastly enhanced sequel to the international hit Action RTS, Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders. Set in the same time frame as the predecessor, KUFH introduces seven new heroes who will chronicle the chaotic war for the fate of all mortals in seven different perspectives through 50+ campaign missions.

Once you choose the main character, the war campaigns start out with one infantry unit. You will have to quickly learn how to move the soldiers to advantageous battlegrounds, how to counter enemy attacks, how to dispose enemy captains for a landslide victory, how to operate with multiple units of different class simultaneously, etc, until you become the ultimate warlord. As your skill grows, your characters and soldiers grow as well. A deadly arsenal of special moves and combos will become available for your character. Your soldiers will gain stronger weapons and equipments. Catapults and dragons will join your army.

200 soldiers fighting to death, earth shattering Stone Golems, catapults launching huge rocks, celestial bodies summoned to crush enemies... The action is more explosive than ever, yet the strategy even deeper. Single Player Mode of KUFH is over 50 hours of epic fantasy warfare breathtakingly rendered with cutting edge 3D graphics. Once the campaigns are over and you have mastered the skills and strategy, it is time to compete against human opponents on Xbox LiveTM. Fully supporting the latest Live 3.0 features in 3 different Multiplayer Modes, you can defend a fortress with your allies, destroy your opponents' armies, or simply fight out single-handedly to find out who is the strongest warrior of all. Replay Save, Observer Mode, and Fair-match Options will help you pick up the necessary skills to enjoy the total war experience.

A world of swords and sorcery is created for you. How long can you survive in it?


  • A vastly enhanced sequel to the international hit Action RTS, Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders.

  • First-hand experience of a fantasy / medieval battlefield as a warrior general.

  • Slay enemies with stylish combos, special skills, and magic spells.

  • Command hundreds of soldiers with your own strategy to the ultimate victory.

  • Epic scale battles with over 3,000 soldiers in a battle field. Up to 200 soldiers displayed on screen.

  • Realistically detailed characters (main characters = 5,000 polygons, large units = 10,000 polygons).

  • Choose from 7 characters, each with his/her own campaign to show many sides of a continental war.

  • 50+ Campaign Missions. Plus Random Missions and Custom Missions available. (50+ hours).

  • Various types of missions; all-out war, castle siege, scouting trapping, etc.

    3 distinctive Live Game Modes: 4-Player Troop Battle, 6-Player Hero Battle, and Invasion Mode.

  • Watch and learn from others' game or your own game: Spectator Mode and Replay Mode.

  • Numerous features to help the new-comers quickly pick up skills and enjoy the Live matches.

    Over 35 different types of troops with diverse abilities. (Soldiers, Beasts, Dragons, Catapults, etc.).

  • Knowing how to use the environment and counter enemy units are keys to victory.

  • Mercenaries can be hired to lead your armies or aid you on battlefield with attacks and healing skills.

  • Gold and experience earned from each battle can be used to train troops and buy new equipments.

  • Intuitive interfaces and optimized difficulty levels will let you approach the game with no frustration.